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Alpine King Salmon 100g:

Gourmate has sourced the finest Alpine Freshwater Salmon Fins so that your dog can enjoy a chunky and delicious snack packed full of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Raised in fresh running waterways of the South Island, this human grade sustainable salmon is pesticide, antibiotic, and GMO feed free.


-A chunky Salmon Fin of rich salmon fillet, skin, and cartilage, plus naturally occurring

salmon oil

-Supports brain function, healthy joints, heart health, and more

-High tech freeze drying ensures that vitamins and minerals including essential fatty acids

EPA and DHA remain as bioavailable as possible

-A single ingredient fish treat suitable for most hypoallergenic and raw diets

-Gourmate King Salmon is sourced from Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified

suppliers and is pesticide, antibiotic, and GMO feed free



100% New Zealand Alpine King Salmon. Sourced, prepared, freeze-dried and packaged to human food grade standards. No grains, additives or preservatives.