Evan hails from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and had flown in to take up permanent residency in Singapore back in 2012. Having an impeccable linage of multiple championship winning parents both in Ireland and Australia, Evan is thus endowed with excellent form and physique.

Having never raced a single day of his life, Evan tries his best to keep in shape with his regular twice a day long walks, as well as eating clean and healthy. Diet is key to any pet’s health and quality of life, and this is especially challenging for Evan who has a voracious appetite but yet has a sensitive tummy. 

Each and every batch of treats is thoroughly inspected and sampled personally by Evan to ensure they meet the highest standards of flavour and quality that he is accustomed to. We are ecstatic for Evan to come on board to join our team as our CEO (Chief Eating Officer) to help in the tasting and curation of the BEST treats in the world, and we hope your pets would love them too!