After crafting gourmet wild seafood products for sport fishers and seafood fans for more than 60 years, we had a ‘Eureka!’ moment: our pets deserve the outstanding flavour and nutrition from wild seafood, too!

This notion gave birth to Healthy Shores, the new pet food division of St. Jean’s Cannery. Just like the seafood for our human friends, the seafood ingredients for our pets are locally-sourced, Ocean Wise-recommended for sustainability, and traceable back to the fisher who caught them.

The Healthy Shores line includes canned wet food for both cats and dogs in full and complete formulas that meet AAFCO nutritional guidelines and are developed by a leading Canadian pet nutritionist.

In addition, our “Nootka Pure” products feature single ingredient canned supplements for cats and dogs. Our jerky, sausage, and other seafood-based dog treats celebrate both local beaches and the fun that our pets have on them.

We hope you and your pets enjoy the benefits of wild seafood and coastal living with Healthy Shores!